How Traffic Apps Can Help You

Recently, I discussed how Pinterest can be used to generate traffic to websites. Since most webmasters are so focused on how to optimize their websites for Google, we have a tendency to forget about several other traffic sources that can be extremely effective towards the purpose of sending laser targeted traffic to our money sites.

Website TrafficThat said, when it comes to traffic generation, sometimes it is worthwhile to invest in more efficient options as opposed to spending countless hours on manual strategies to boost your traffic. Frankly, this is time that should be spent on other demanding aspects of your business instead.

Several Internet Marketing apps have been released this year and many of them are intended to automate the process of sending traffic to your web properties thereby allowing Internet Marketers to work more efficiently. After all, I think we can all agree that getting traffic is the ultimate goal for all Internet Marketers. You can send masses of real visitors to your website with traffic apps and these programs can automate the process of publishing your links across social platforms. As a result, articles, images, and other content from your website can quickly go viral which means visitors come in swarms. This viral effect usually cannot be achieved through static Google rankings – unless you are #1 – which illustrates the reason we should focus more of our energy on automating the process of traffic generation from other sources.

After all, the other option is much less appealing… doing it manually. Quite frankly, there are very few things that Internet Marketers should be doing manually, and generating traffic is not one of them; it’s far too inefficient to put yourself in a position to succeed. You can be sure that your top competitors are up to speed with the latest efficient methods – all of which are automated – and if you want to compete with them, you need to be doing the same things at the very least. Most likely, the top competition in your niche will be using traffic apps such as Viral Lead Machine which allows them to build several links on social network platforms with a single click. While it may not be that exact same software, I am just trying to illustrate that all successful marketers have some program in their toolbox for this purpose.

BufferAppYou have to realize that your competitors do not simply create a website and maintain that one property. A successful money site these days is an authority site that has its own Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest page, Google+ page, etc. A successful website keeps their social profiles active with posts and shares on a regular basis, but can you imagine how much work it would take if we had to update 10+ social profiles individually? We are expected to keep all of our social profiles up to date, but it isn’t reasonable to expect us to manage them individually. Services like BufferApp allow us to post to several platforms simultaneously. For instance, you can write one update and publish to all of your social profiles.

If you aren’t satisfied with the amount of traffic coming to your websites, I am willing to bet that you do not have an automated solution for getting social signals. The fact is, with the increasing importance of integrating websites with social networking, running a successful website today usually includes smart investments in certain services and apps that allow you to work more efficiently. I would encourage you to consider some of the latest programs on the market intended to increase traffic to your websites. Practically all of them will offer a money back guarantee, so if the program turns out to be something different than you expected, you can always get your money back and try the next option instead.